With FondueTime you can take the guesswork out of making the perfect dinner. Tired of worrying about taking your food out too soon? Tired of steak that always comes out well-done? Let FondueTime do the work for you so you can enjoy your meal!

✓ Timers for both broth and oil, so you can use the app with whatever cooking style you prefer
✓ Can be used at home or at your favorite fondue restaurant
✓ Simple, intuitive user interface
✓ Timers for all types of food. Cooking duck? Ravioli? Scallops? You’re all set.
✓ Notification sound to let you know when a timer’s finished
✓ Two sets of timer icons in case you want to share the app with someone else at the table.
✓ Give your kids something to do!
✓ Fully compatible with recommended cooking times at The Melting Pot

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Tap an icon and you’ll see a red overlay appear as the timer starts. When it turns green, the timer’s done! If you need to cancel a timer, give it a double-tap. Once it’s finished, tap the icon again to reset it. Click the guide button to see what types of food are covered by each icon.

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